My Story : Kamala Das : My Story, An AutoBiography by Kamala Das

by Zic on May 31st, 2009

`My story` is an autobiographical story by Kamala Das. The title is self-explanatory as it reveals the authors own life story.

Earlier we wrote about “Kamala Das”. Recently Kamala Das passed away.

`My story` is an autobiography by the poet writer Kamala Das. Her outspoken autobiography is a source of controversy. It contains the clear picture of her life. Her multiple affairs, her strained relationship with her husband and so many hidden facts of her life. She had a natural flair fot both Malayalam and English. The book faced different controversies as it contains some frank discussion of author about her quest of love inside and outside the marriage. She writes about the society as well as the traditional conservativeness in which she lives. She possess a clear vision about relationship. My Story, shocked mainstream Kerala with its candid accounts of her encounters with men. As an artist, her paintings included nudes. In this piece of work of Kamala Das she clearly depicts the intensely personal experiences including her growth into womanhood, her unsuccessful quest for love in and outside marriage, and her living in matriarchal rural South India after inheriting her ancestral home. While at home, the rich families try to kill her with magic because they fear that her writing will reveal their immorality in. She was very honest and never felt scared of anything.

My story : Kamala Das

My story : Kamala Das

Published by Ind-Us in 1977 `My story` is a controversial autobiography by Kamala Das where she seized the control of the society`s own cultural codes, particularly those formed by dominant religious ideologies.
`My story` is a masterpiece by Kamala Das. She raised many topics here in this novel, which are still under cover. She was much ahead of her time and this book is the perfect example of her far sightedness. She talks about extra marital affair at that scenario which is still prevalent in this era. As a whole this book is worth reading at least to enhance own self.

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  1. prof.syed nisar karim permalink

    I am really taken aback the way kamla das pens her life without any fear of society.

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